featured essential oil- apply peppermint

featured- peppermint essential oil

Peppermint- mentha piperita

“The oil of a buoyant heart”

The peppermint plant is a cross between water mint and spearmint. It has fragrant, hairy leaves and purple flowers. Characteristic of any variety in the mint family are square shaped stems. These are rarely used in any medicinal fashion. Adding stems to your tea, for example will produce an undesirable bitterness. The essential oil is steam distilled from the leaves only of the peppermint plan.

Peppermint is analgesic, anti-bacterial, antifungal, anti-inflammatory, anti-spasmodic, decongestant, anti-depressant, and is a stimulant. It is safe to be taken internally, used aromatically or applied topically (some skin may be sensitive to applying peppermint neat. It has a warming, burning sensation at first. Listen to your body if the sensation is uncomfortable or overwhelming. Pay attention to any redness or irritation that may occur.  Dilute in a carrier oil or with water as necessary.) Peppermint is not recommended for infants either internally or externally.

Peppermint has an unusual effect- first it is hot to the tongue (pepper) then it is refreshingly cool (mint). When taken internally, it is exceptionally effective as a digestive aid: one drop of peppermint essential oil is equivalent in potency to drinking twenty-eight cups of peppermint tea!   Peppermint assists in alleviating irritable bowel syndrome, morning sickness and nausea.  (Some pregnant/breastfeeding women have reported a decrease in milk supply when using peppermint so proceed with awareness.) Peppermint also relaxes the esophagus, helping to relieve gas in the upper digestive system through burping.

Peppermint helps reduce headaches when applied to the temples and the base of the skull. It can reduce body temperature within seconds making it effective in treating fevers, hot flashes, tension headaches or hot weather woes and a lack of air conditioning.

You have no doubt found many over the counter remedies containing peppermint- generally in cosmetics, toothpastes, bath products, cold and cough medicines. The pleasant taste and smell are appealing but the effectiveness of peppermint in these products is likely little to none. Not only does peppermint oil have a rich, chocolate mint fragrance- it is of purity and quality unmatched on the market today. Like all essential oils – a little goes a long way! The benefits of peppermint are numerous. There is enormous value in treating many ailments with only one product, especially when you use a peppermint essential oil that is 100 % natural and organic.

Emotionally, peppermint cools anger and relieves mental fatigue, increasing joy and self esteem.  Inhaling the aroma of peppermint can aid memory and awaken the central nervous system.  Peppermint inspires new thoughts and ideas.

A few adventureclubinteractive peppermint ideas:

Try using 1-3 drops daily over the heart or stomach for the emotional benefits of peppermint Rediscover joy, face the reality of your emotions)

Brush your teeth with peppermint and strawberries… YES this really works! Muddle/ use mortar and pestle for one strawberry at room temperature. Add one drop peppermint and brush your teeth with your toothbrush.

 Try adding one drop of peppermint to a glass of water. Leave your toothbrush in this mixture between uses.

 Try diluting peppermint in any vegetable carrier oil (recommended- fractionated coconut oil). Get creative by adding other essential oils like lavender, lemon, bergamot, rosemary or cinnamon… Use as a massage oil or a luxurious skin oil after shower.

 Try growing your own peppermint plant! Common varieties include chocolate mint, blue balsam, pineapple mint, lime mint and candy mint. Mint plants are extremely productive and very easy to care for in almost any gardening zone. Harvest the leaves often, use them fresh, frozen or dried. Add essential oil to a dried leaves mixture for potpourri.

 Spiders don’t like peppermint. If you don’t like spiders add peppermint to cotton balls or Q-tips and leave between door jam, hole in the wall or any other place you want to deter them from.

 Add a few drops to 16 oz. purified water and one teaspoon of vodka (80 proof or more). This refreshing spray can be used in the air, between your sheets, on your face or anywhere, anytime you want to experience the peppermint essence!

Add one drop to dryer sheet(s) when you do your laundry. Or add one drop to dryer sheet(s) and leave them in drawers or in the soles of shoes.


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