scavenger hunt- rotten.


scavenger hunt- rotten. by- adventureclubviral

the thing is: it is not rotten. and it won’t rot and that’s the problem. a plastic water bottle in the gutter will eventually find itself down the stream or picked up by the garbageman and taken to the landfill. things that decompose should rot but not all things that are left for rot will decompose.



scavenger hunt-rotten.  by- theStephALA

usually my fridge if full of rotten things.  moldy cucumbers especially.  i can’t help it, i forget about them easily in that drawer, even if i can look through the clear plastic and see them suffocating inside.

this green pepper is the only rotten thing i could find in my fridge today.  as luck would have it, my husband cleaned out all of the rotten items yesterday-nearly a full trash bag of moldy vegetables, fuzzy cheese, old soup, rotten berries, expired liquids… this pepper is moving towards rotten but it is nowhere near the norm of the fridge.  yes i see wrinkles, yes i see the blemish of a vegetable past its prime, but i will leave it in the drawer.  i will leave it there to wither in the dark and to shiver in the cold but i will not leave it alone.  let the forgotten rest with the forgotten, in the cold clear drawer of my fridge.


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