scavenger hunt- grid.

building reflections 2

grid. by- adventureclubviral

the first thing that comes to mind for the word grid- is city planning. i remember a slightly pompous professor of mine in college lecturing passionately about the most glorified, and most original of city grids, born in Constantinople. some say it was actually the Indus valley, in present day Pakistan that was first:  blocks divided by a grid of straight streets, running north-south and east-west, each block divided into lanes. some say it was in Giza: with the building of the pyramids: the workers’ housing and was laid out in blocks of long galleries separated by streets in a grid with the obvious orientation- a north-south axis from the royal palace and an east-west axis from the temple meeting at a central plaza where the king and god merged and crossed.

anyway it inspires awe to me, for wherever and however far i travel because most people with their noses buried in maps or ears pressed to their GPS take for granted the remarkable logic that our twenty-fifth century B.C. ancestors gifted to mankind. have you ever visited a city that was not laid out in gridiron form?  a city where streets run not at right angles to each other and are unparalleled to each other? relying on your map in those cities is a habit harder to quit. instead of using your map, or your right brain or the four directions… you really just have to commit to memory the layout of those silly-built cities.

IMG_8097 (1)

grid.  by- theStephALA

this geometric pattern appears easily when i begin to look.  it is almost inescapable.  paper, rugs, bookshelves, cities… the angular embrace of this couch cushion…


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