scavenger hunt- discaded. by- adventure seeker- amy


discarded. by- amy

“Mommy can i bring this?”  

I hear this every time i walk out the door with three kids in tow and a minimum of a dozen extra random trinkets that “must” come along.  Out of pure avoidance for the guaranteed argument that would follow when i say “no”, the extras always seem to come along.  But why is it that the girls so desperately NEED to have it (and it is always some toy that is of no particular interest at the time) along.  Is it just to annoy me?  Or is it some kind of comfort to them in knowing that wherever i may drag them (and drag them, i do…to errands, to siblings dance, gymnastics, Girl Scouts…you name it) they will have a little something to call their own?  

Whatever the reasons, the results are always the same….discarded upon arrival at our destination.
Poor Barbie was “left for dead” as soon as a snack was discovered as a better distraction to watching her sister’s gymnastics practice. Go figure.

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