challenge: the paint chip palette


the great paint chip palette challenge

the latest and greatest assignment this week will no doubt find you with your camera at the hip, your list of items at the ready and your eyes peeled back. the photo scavenger hunt is a very original, tried and tested, adventureclubinteractive approved exercise in awareness. this week adventureclubinteractive challenges the scavenger in you… further.

#1 visit your local paint shop or hardware store.

#2 browse the sample paint chips and choose a dozen samples of colors at random.

#3 keep the paint chips with you for the entire day. attempt to match their colors to objects you encounter anywhere, everywhere. record what you saw for each color, where you saw it and any other relevance or irrelevance worth noting. see picture above.

#4 as a fun aside rename the colors…

boring paint names —> “turn into” —> your personalized paint chip palette!

kelly green —> “becomes” —> wet galoshes green!

cerulean blue —> “more like” —> swaddling baby boy blue!

golden yellow —> “better said” —> buttery bowl of popcorn!

and so on.

most importantly. remember that…

life is a scavenger hunt


submit any and all masterpieces inspired by the paint chip palette challenge via email to:

*these photos and ideas are courtesy of adventureclubinteractive approved publication: How to Be an Explorer of the World. Portable Life Museum. by Keri Smith


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