waking life- melting. by-adventureclubviral


exhaustion puts us to sleep. we flop into bed, crawl under sheets, we pass out, lie down, go under, we collapse, surrender, and submit to sleep. we typically get sideways when the sky goes dark  and resume waking lives when it brightens back up and so goes another day. lately my schedule for sideways has gone upside down. i don’t know why but i have been feeling tired in the middle of the day, so much so that today i fell asleep before the sun fell out of the sky. and now i am awake in the dark.

i took this picture of a couch. it’s an artistic piece but i have seen people sitting in it, where it sits around the corner from my house (wait- do couches…sit?) i thought about the expression: “melting into the couch” when we talk about exhaustion and a nice nap. this picture depicts the opposite- where the couch is instead melting. and i look back at my own couch and my bed and- at this hour- its funny because they are melting and i won’t join them. they look so inviting and i feel so uninterested. “come melt into me,” the bed beckons. but i can’t. “just sit down and see what happens,” whispers the couch. but i don’t. i guess this is more an auspicious time for me to… write about it. i feel like salvador dali could appreciate this.


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