waking life- kissing. by- adventureclubviral


as midnight came and the year went, i got to stand above the decorated folks of the city. from a bell tower balcony i captured as many kisses as the camera phone would zoom in on. this photograph was taken with haste as i was on my own sort of clock at the moment… in other words i am sure that i was not being paid to take pictures of lip lock. 

i love that i brought in the new year with a picture. in terms of waking life, this picture represents an ambiguous, encompassing, time lapse sort of dream of my own. in 2012, i picked up a digital camera and picked out a new friend. to this year i continue to be inspired by both, have found a platform on which i share my pictures and am held to commitments of taking them. i don’t believe in personal resolutions but if i have a dream for 2013, it has something to do with the fact that the first thing i did this year was inspired by and inspiration for… my adventure club.


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