featured essential oil – apply lavender

featured – lavender essential oil

“lavender, sweet lavender;
come and buy my lavender,
hide it in your trousseau, lady fair.
Let its lovely fragrance flow
Over your from head to toe,
lightening on your eyes, your cheek, 
your hair.”
Cumberland Clark Flower Song 
Book 1929

the essence of lavender is one of the most popular and versatile of all essential oils.  even those who claim to have no knowledge of flowers or essential oils have experienced some form of lavender and often smile and sigh with delight as they recall lavender’s aroma at the tip of their nose.

the most renowned birthplace for lavender is in the high mountains of Persia and southern France. in France, people come from all over the country to harvest the purple flowers in the heat of the day. this timing is not unremarkable- when the sun is at its highest, the highest potency of plant material is available for the picking.  the flower tops and stalks of the lavender plant are then steam distilled to extract the essential oil.

lavender or “lavendula” has its roots in latin and means – to wash.   lavendula denotes innocence and maintaining a pure character.  the greeks and romans celebrated lavender for its lovely aroma and cleansing properties, using it to scent their soaps and baths.*  although most people find the scent of lavender pleasing, some do not and this may be the result of an unresolved internal infection.

lavender essential oil is sometimes referred to as “the swiss army knife of oils” as its uses are many!

lavender strengthens the heart. massage onto the chest area and inhale with every breath.

lavender helps undo negative self-talk. lavender reduces the ramblings of the mind that keep us awake. lavender helps put the mind to rest. lavender has properties that help balance extreme mood swings. applying lavender topically throughout the day may promote stability in one’s emotions.

lavender is the oil of communication.**  it supports verbal expression and helps to release insecurities, allowing for honest communication and expression of the true self.

lavender is amazing at soothing burns be they from the oven, the sun or otherwise! apply to affected area as much as needed for instant relief and skin regeneration.

lavender and rosemary together alleviate nervous exhaustion and improve circulation.

lavender is the most fantastic oil for the face! whether you suffer dry or irritated skin, overactive sebaceous glands, acne or oily skin- lavender is the beauty oil must have. apply neat to face underneath your regular moisturizer or make-up.

lavender is the best natural remedy for earaches. earaches are painful, uncomfortable- often to the point of debilitation. before you visit the doctor for prescription medication consider soaking cotton balls in lavender essential oil and swabbing the outer ear generously.

clean your dogs ears with lavender! high quality lavender is completely safe and effective for domestic pets.

 DOG EAR CARE recipe

4 oz. witch hazel + 10 drops lavender essential oil.

spritz onto cotton ball and apply to inner ears daily, often or as needed.

 add lavender to a sleep sachet or insect repelling pillow, potpourri…


combine dried herbs such as lavender, sage, rosemary, wormwood.

add uncooked rice to fill desired sachet or pillow. add 10-20 drops lavender essential oil to mixture, sew it or zip it or seal it up and voila! the fragrance will last a long time.

for more information on lavender essential oil please comment or email adventureclubinteractive@gmail.com

* Living Healthy & Happily Ever After. by- Rebecca Linder Hintze and Dr. Susan Lawton

**Emotional Healing with Essential Oils. by- Daniel MacDonald


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