waking life assignment


this assignment is about the space between your typical day and the diversity of your dreams.

this assignment is about the reality of not being awake.

this assignment is about the impossible. waking up your dreams. bringing them to life.

adventureclubinteractive is proud to present the last assignment of the year. the waking life assignment encourages you to share your dreams with the viral world. express them organically. fall asleep and dream something. or stay awake and dream something up. take a picture of it. write about it. do something with it and submit it…

how exactly do you blog a dream? 

adventureclubinteractive is curious to know what adventure seekers out there come up with. like dreams themselves, this assignment has few rules. perhaps it will inspire you to dust off that “dream journal” at your bedside- write down everything that you can recall to mind, first thing in the morning. perhaps it will take you on a photographic journey- day after day- looking for realistic connections between your unawake life and your waking one.  perhaps you will finally master that editing program on your computer or download a new one for your camera phone- turning point blank pictures into blurry, dreamy, altered, artistic photography.

contribute to the collective consciousness! you and your submission may be chosen as the featured seeker of the week on adventureclubinteractive!

please submit all completed masterpieces daily or in totality by sunday january 6 via email: adventureclubinteractive@gmail.com


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