interpreting the sixth sense. by- adventure seeker- amy

Instinct. My sixth sense. Motherly instinct to be exact.

I have always known its power but recently I have stopped to notice that for the past nine years my other five senses have been overshadowed by this powerful force. I don’t notice the world around me the way I did before having children. I can go through days- if not weeks- buried in the burden of caring for them. When we are out I do not notice the birds singing or the faces of people in a store. My senses are dulled so that  this amazing force can take over. Are they still with me? Will they hit their head on that? Will a stranger grab them if I turn around? Will that cough turn into a death sentence? Recently I pondered the question, “If I turn down my motherly instinct, what is the worse that could happen? Will those three darlings simply cease to exist?” My instinct tells me “yes.”

And so I continue with this burden. Senses dulled, instinct cranked. Because what good are my senses if I cannot see, hear, touch my children? This is the burden and the blessing of my sixth sense.




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