smells like it looks



smells like it looks. by- theStephALA

it looks like perfumed halloween.  black skeleton tree branches claw towards the fragrant moon, emitting an aura of mischief and blue.  the cool crispness burns my nose.  it smells like magic.

smells like it looks


smells like it looks. by- adventureclubviral

i must admit- i am a snob when it comes to flowers. in my opinion, all too often, particular flowers are overused or under appreciated. flowers get unfairly attached to silly significances, red roses for love, carnations for friendship, hydrangeas in spring weddings, tulips on mothers day, poinsettias on christmas… and so on.

but i swallow the truth too. because the truth is that this common language of flowers is too classic to ignore. for example, when somebody gives you a red rose at your doorstep you know it is a gesture of love because that’s what the dictionary says. sometimes the symbol does not matter i suppose. i can translate.

roses don’t smell too much anymore by the way. too much stimulated production, hybrid strands, manipulation… and so on.



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