looks like it sounds. sounds like it looks.


looks like it sounds. by- adventureclubviral

chain of thoughts:

i forgot my cell phone today. i don’t miss it. i wish i could turn my cell phone off for a day. i wish that i could be unreachable. when i am not home i am out and about and i am busy. why do i always have to be available even when i am not? i wish i had a landline. can you even sign up for those anymore? i wish i had an answering machine. voicemail is not the same. i wish that phones only rang. i am so sick of sirens, songs and electronic ring tones. hey what is that thing? i think it is a telephone. it looks like one. what a relic! you spin it… it dials… i don’t hear anything. yeah they don’t really use those things anymore…

banana ice (1 of 1)

sounds like it looks.  by- theStephALA

if this isn’t a catastrophic fall waiting to happen, then i don’t know what is.  a banana peel on ice!  how can i type out the cartoon sound of slipping on a banana peel?  an ascending zip?  zing?  schwoop?  shwink? whatever the spelling, i can hear it in my head, and i bet you can too.


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