feels like it looks. tastes like it feels.

feels like it looks

feels like it looks- by- adventureclubviral.

do steel bars always feel lonely? do cages always have to look like capture? i don’t know.

but not all beings behind bars nor all creatures in cages necessarily feel things the way it looks to us. this photograph looks seems desperate but the rest of our senses are missing if we pass that judgement. we only look at photographs. we cannot truly feel them- (not to mention smell them, taste them or hear them). even the photographer can only relive the moment of capturing this image- a moment that has come and gone. how lonely to think such a moment… is lost.



tastes like it feels- by- theStephALA.

1/2 cup of butter, a bag of mini marshmallows, vanilla, green food coloring and corn flakes.  nauseatingly sweet, sticky and unnaturally green.  an instant stomachache after inevitable over consumption.

it tastes like it feels:  my childhood.


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