challenging Photoshop


regarding the adventureclubinteractive featured challenge: learn something new about your camera… i have undertaken the overwhelming. this week i became the proud owner of Photoshop CS5 software but when i load it up i have absolutely no idea where to start. i am using a Nikon Coolpix S8200 and have been happy to the brim with its superior point and shoot qualities. always, when i sit down to upload my pictures i easily navigate and efficiently manipulate my photos with the nikon software but ultimately i feel limited by the editing software i have been using in the past. i checked out a Photoshop CS5 book at the library and am determined to read my way to success. but at the end of the week (though i did not expect instant success) i still know nothing. so hear my cry- adventure seekers, bloggers, photographers and Photo-shoppers everywhere:

what is your best advice for a Photoshop beginner?


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