waldo is tying a knot. by- adventureclubviral

ImageStefan tapped, clicked and scrolled through the hundreds of pictures in front of him. The backlit Photoshop display was bright enough to reflect back on himself a self-satisfied, sicko sort of smile. “Gawd have mercy on me, I love this job,” he guffawed to nobody else in the room. Stefan had just received the post dated check for this particular, and still unfinished job. With superhuman effort he tore his eyes away from the screen. His fingers found the check and he tapped it triumphantly. “Lorrrrrd only knows what those people are paying me for,” he groveled. Stefan was not a photographer but he had just gotten paid as one. Stefan was an impostor, and brilliantly so. He had appeared credible to many innocent civilians in dozens of guises over the years. Wedding photographer. Room service attendant. Bouncer. Pan handler. Dog walker. Baker. Magazine salesman. Journalist. Babysitter. Barista. Palm reader. Zookeeper. Most jobs had to last for at least two weeks, respective of pay periods. A few jobs did not provide Stefan with enough “opportunity” as he liked to put it. “Opportunity” for Stefan translated into “access to women.” Those jobs lasted days or so. Some jobs found him out before he could go any further. These were usually the best ones but Stefan knew how and when to duck, turn and run. This current job- this wedding photography thing seemed to have it all. “Prepaid, I’ll be damned!” he sputtered. Day one and done and Stefan already had a check in his hands, certainly of a handsome amount. “Haven’t even gotten to sending them their purchased product!” he marveled. Staring back at him, the fiasco that Photoshop is for dummies, Stefan considered not even bothering with the whole editing and printing process. He had the pictures so that he could drool over them- not deal with them… It would be too bad about the job though. Stefan was stumped. Because he wanted to do it again. Those bridesmaids were hot and there sure as hell had to be others.



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