waldo is instructive – by theStephALA


“over here honey! you can do it! smile!”
please don’t fall again please don’t fall again.
oh my god it’s freezing out here! how much longer do i have to stay?

“whoa! watch it! not too fast not too fast!”
five more minutes and then i will tell him it’s time to go.
“watch out for that woman! i told you to be careful!”
if i go inside the coffee shop i can still watch him from the window i think….
“you’re doing so much better than yesterday! i’m going to go get a coffee and warm up for a minute. you keep going though okay honey?”
hopefully no one watching thinks i’m a bad mother if i leave for 5 minutes. well what do i care it is freezing!
“beautiful spin! oh a jump too! look at you go!”
maybe i’ll make it an irish coffee. yes, definitely, i deserve it. it must be negative 10 degrees out here!
“one more picture! perfect i will email that one to grandma. i will be right back honey i love you!”


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