waldo is very athletic (& is smoking something…) – by theStephALA


his name is samuel barber but his friends call him “sticky buns”. he isn’t sure which name is worse but generally goes along with sticky buns because he feels it is more original than sharing names with a famous american composer.

years back, when samuel was still in high school, he found himself unable to stand up from his chair at the end of biology class. it took multiple tries from various classmates and his teacher to unhook samuels ripped jeans pocket from the grasp of a stubborn screw in his chair. scissors were eventually called to the scene and the name “sticky buns” was born.

samuel likes to hang out, but doesn’t have many close friends. when the friends you have call you “sticky buns”, it seems to limit the potential depth of the relationship.

most of the time he prefers to ride alone anyway. he prefers not to be samuel barber. he prefers not to be sticky buns. alone he can just light one up and be whatever he feels like.