where are the waldos assignment

where are the waldos assignment

waldo dog-CC

the where are the waldos photo hunt.

hey adventure seekers-  keep your cameras close this week! adventureclubinteractive wants you to mix in with the crowds, walk amongst the people and capture all the waldos  of the world. adventureclubinteractive encourages you to take pictures on the sly and in the moment (staging a friend as a waldo is not very adventurous…)

  1. waldos should be strangers. they may be caught in the act doing something or appearing to have a specific emotion or demeanor. adventureclubinteractive has composed a list of waldo photo opportunities. the assignment demands you follow along daily- looking everywhere for the waldo of the day. at the end of your hunt- upload your photo and ponder it.
  2. upon pondering, allow your waldo photo tell a story. aim to write an interpretive, creative non-fiction paragraph regarding the photo (see below for helpful guidelines). submit waldo photo and creative writing daily to adventureclubinteractive via email.

the where are the waldos photo hunt list.

monday- waldo is smoking a cigarette

tuesday- waldo is very athletic

wednesday- waldo is instructive

thursday- waldo’s arms are full

friday- waldo is tying a knot

saturday- waldo is dating

bonus – find the real waldo.


creative non-fiction can be an extremely productive writing exercise and a great prompt for a grander scale story idea. here are some guidelines regarding creative non-fiction for this assignment…

  • creativity trumps. make up a name for the waldo in your picture. make up absolutely anything about the waldo. maybe an occupation, a dwelling, what sort of exotic pets they have…whatever.
  • non-fictitious is the picture. the only rules regarding non-fiction in this creative piece is that the writing must be true to the picture. if the waldo is lying on a beach then you cannot really write about the waldo as an eskimo. the point is to start with all of the elements in the picture- waldo, background, action- and then provide context. maybe you photograph the waldo at an ice cream stand. maybe you write about waldo saving up all week with his newspaper route to afford his favorite flavor ice cream and when he gets to the stand the vendor informs him that he is out of that flavor. and so on. you get the point.


need more inspiration?

check out the latest adventureclubinteractive challenge. may your camera inspire you!

remember to submit your daily masterpieces via email: adventureclubinteractive@gmail.com.



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