common thread: palette. by- adventureclubviral



the palette of the sea.

this was the most interesting picture i took today. the pedicab cyclist is wearing a mask that i did not notice in the moment. the woman is taking a photograph while i took the photograph. somebody in a wheelchair is perfectly revealed- exposed the moment i took the picture- as the pedicab and its passengers pass by. the dog is being tugged on its leash but not before i snapped the picture was he pulled out of it.


the color of the sea is indigo and murky but turquoise and sparkling the same. i liked that this photograph depicts these blues- the palette of the sea. a small slice of sea beneath the boat is the color of ink- dark and stormy. the black and white effect on the boat makes it seem as though rough times at sea have afforded it age and an accordingly antiquated appearance.





crab cages. oh how i relate. 


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