The Model Minority Myth and its Implications



In 1848, the United States of America experienced its first Asian immigration boom. The Gold Rush propelled Asians, specifically the Chinese, to “rush” to America hoping to gain wealth to bring home. However, at the sight of labor, plans changed. Some Chinese stayed in America, while others migrated after hearing about the opportunities, thus rapidly increasing the Chinese population. The Chinese, akin to other ethnic groups at the time, worked menial laborer jobs for long hours and low pay.

Since then, Chinese Americans as well as pan-ethnic Asians have made triumphant strides in all aspects of life, most certainly American life. However, during the 1960s when African Americans were at the forefront of the Civil Rights Movement, the generally uninvolved Chinese and their success paved way to two notorious articles that were used to silence African Americans.

In 1966, William Petersen wrote his observations…

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