common thread: sharp. by- theStephALA

sharp 1

when i started to think about “sharp”-what is sharp? what does sharp mean?-the following quote came to my mind again and again…

how sharper than a serpent’s tooth it is to have a thankless child.”  i’m sure you all recognize the quote from king lear.  this line has always stuck with me for some reason  and it inspired this photograph.  seeing as though i did not have a literal serpent on hand i improvised.

sharp 2

have you ever grated cheese or carrots in such a determined manner that you try to hold on to the smallest stump for as long as you can?  and then inevitably start grating your own finger?  if not, it hurts.

sharp 3

something can look sharp, sound sharp and feel sharp.  this pin cushion reminds me of the horrible tingling of pins and needles that plagues my legs and feet after sitting awkwardly.  i read in a book that to alleviate pins and needles you are supposed to spit on your finger and draw an “x” over your foot.

i wonder if things can smell or taste sharp as well?


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