common thread: sharp. by- adventureclubviral



i examined sharp things around the house and observed wire cutters for the first time in my life. the blades are sharp for sure but sharp are more simple tools too- like brand new scissors or a good chef knife. the addition of a hinge affords a sharp tool considerable leverage to cut through tougher jobs that scissors and knives have no business attempting.



we tell children to be careful with scissors. there are scissors that are designed safer than other scissors even. what occurred to me about scissors is likely not so novel but interesting as a sentence nonetheless: when sharp things cut dull things they leave dull things more sharp.



i bought this exacto knife on the cheap. and this exacto knife taught me that sharpness has a monetary value. there was a fine layer of dust on this dull tool as it was dug up for the photo shoot. when you bargain on a sharp purchase it will likely disappoint you- and really, you tend not to use it so much, i suppose.


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