common thread: concave/convex. by- adventureclubviral


ocean waves… what grander, what more abundant, what more obvious example on earth is there-of the balance between things convex and concave? surfers, boaters, wave watchers  and photographers all observe the swells roll in, slowing down as they reach shallow water where they release their wave energy. the breaking waves are captured in the photo above. surfers especially (or boaters or wave watchers or photographers) notice the way in which the line of swell bends horizontally as it breaks is called which is called refraction — which is categorized into two parts: 

  • concave: when the farthest ends of the wave bend toward the shore. the wave looks like a bowl. these are surfer waves for sure. ride them left or right or off the peak.
  • convex:  when it appears that the middle of the wave will bend away from the deep water and toward the shoreline. the wave energy gets dispersed over a wide area. for surfers it is a less powerful waves but it rides longer.


does choosing stemware confuse you more than choosing a bottle? for the finest wines and sparkly bubbles- i am always delighted by those with the most discerning palettes. i love being told what to taste, “this one has a strong chocolate note but it finishes with bacon.” or being told what to smell, “it has the essence of cut grass but it’s the geranium that lingers.” i envy those tongues and noses that can taste and smell fermented grapes so luxuriously. and then for some, it comes down to how to experience these taste and smells. would you be able to tell crystal glassware for pinot noir from crystal glassware for cabernet? which is more concave? which is more convex? in which do you serve a wine that is more complex? 


photograph of a memorial for veterans. i love when light reflects off curvature in stone. the light from this side of the memorial happened to be at the concave angle. if i had taken the photo from the opposite angle- the convex angle- i would not have gotten the same effect. 



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