common thread: round. by- adventureclubviral


enter through the arch. there is so much beauty in arch architecture. at first take, the common thread- round- immediately brought to mind all things that go around. but it is not always so.  with this photo: round is a soft turn and a gentle curve. round is an arch. 


to sit on the edge. there exist many soft edges in this world but when i first think of edge i think of angles and points that meet other points. when i photographed this bench, i tried to capture round as an edge. 



gets you going no matter what. one thing about this photograph of round– is that the subject cannot be compromised and remain functional. unlike a doorway, unlike a bench- a tire cannot be anything except round. it is a complete arch that has to go all the way around and it cannot have any edge to it if you want to get anywhere.


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