common thread assigment: “three a day, one way”

common thread assignment

Spill the Salt-CC

“three a day, one way”

this week adventureclubinteractive wants you to go out in search of “things” to document.  things that are similar but different.  specifically,  three things each day that share one common thread.

the assignment:

 refer to the list below for the daily common thread.  take three different photos of three different things that share this commonality.  you may also take one photo depicting all three things simultaneously.

feel free to title or caption your photos, or even include descriptions and or anecdotes as to where you came upon these things.

monday.  3 things that are round.

tuesday.  3 things that are convex/concave.

wednesday.  3 things that are sharp.

thursday.  3 things that are suspended.

friday.  3 things that are living.

saturday.  3 things with the same color palette.

check in with each common thread of the day on our posts page, on facebook  and on twitter.

please submit all completed assignments- daily or in totality- by sunday december 16th.           via email to

all submissions by email will be considered for status on the featured seeker page.


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