quote yourself. by- adventureclubviral


“your resumé is a kaleidoscope. be sparkling for the interview.”

i have been examining my resumé lately. i have also been examining the job market lately. among attempts to match my resumé to job after job after job- there is always a that customized editing process- a sentence worth omitting here or a word worth inserting there. each edit makes me appear on paper to be the perfect candidate for another perfect job. surely i am not the only one tweaking my resumé constantly. surely i am not the only one frustrated with that resumé format of fitting your expansive experiences and ass-kissing assets onto one page that is your entire adult life on paper.

so i quote myself when i call the resumé a kaleidoscope. it never does the job seeker proper justice. there is always a distortion between what is written on that one page and how fabulous and qualified you really are. and i relate to all the time spent manipulating and managing that one piece of paper for one particular job (after job after job)… and i encourage myself and everyone else out there with a resumé to keep sending them and when you land the interview…make it count.


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