to ride the microwave. by-adventureclubviral


why a photograph of storage units regarding the microwave? because that is where my microwave currently resides – hibernating a few states away from me. not only am i provoked by the adventureclubinteractive provocation- to ride the microwave- among other things locked up in that storage unit i have been really re-considering the importance of what most consider to be basic household needs.

the microwave and i parted ways about a month and a half ago, less by choice and more because of circumstances. other kitchenware left behind include my beloved coffee machine, my electric fryer, my good knives,  fancy crystal glassware and favorite ceramic teapots. i knew i would miss these things the most and packed them all away with a promissory kiss.

and i am slowly learning something – more like the inverse of what i thought i would miss… for example i wondered, a month and a half ago, how am i going to reheat the leftovers without a microwave? and now instead of improvising with leftover packaging- i don’t leave leftovers. i save time, preparing less food. for example i wondered, a month and a half ago, how am i going to enjoy nice wine without my Riedel stemware? and now instead of drinking nice wine in a generic glass- i don’t drink nice wine!

the lack of a microwave has served me a lesson in a paring down of things you think you need to enjoy other things. and the bonus has been realizing i don’t need to enjoy those certain things quite so much. saves me money. saves me the waves.


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