provocation of the day- quote yourself




why do people like quotes so much? what is it about borrowing something else that has been said?  we jot them down in our journals to be remembered, we make art of them, hang them all over our walls, repeat them, revere them, list them in our social media profiles under the stock section favorite quotations…

we are inspired by the words of others surely. we are intrigued, provoked, tickled, shocked, humbled and outraged. quotes are everywhere, famous and novel, anonymous and repetitive, tired, tried and sometimes true.

adventureclubinteractive wants to hear you quote yourself. what do you have to say that makes people want to write it, read it, think it, repeat it? challenge yourself further and publicize your quote somewhere around town. leave your quote like your signature on a message board! write your quote on the bathroom wall! quote yourself in a conversation!

please submit your responses via email to

or share a quote as a comment below.


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