provocation assignment

the provocation assignment

the right to write about it

the right to write 

adventureclubinteractive is proud to present the latest and greatest, newest and most provocative assignment yet. adventureclubinteractive will post a series of daily prompts- ( better described as provocations ) open-ended, outrageous, thoughtful, freestyle, controversial, inconsequential, important, trivial or otherwise…

the assignment is to respond to each provocation. post your reaction to something new or ridiculous. share your opinion about something that you already feel strongly about. take a provocative photograph regarding the provocation- draw it, sing it, write about it… tell the world why you are right about it!  adventureclubinteractive vows to provide interesting and unique provocations by 12:00 p.m- mountain standard time. suggested challenges with this schedule may be to use the daily provocation as your free-write inspiration, every single day 12:00 or to use the provocation as a daily photo inspiration.  check in for the provocation of the day on our posts page, on facebook on twitter to get instantly provoked hot off the press.

please submit all completed assignments- daily or in totality- by sunday december 9           via email to

all submissions by email will be considered for status on the featured seeker page.


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