challenge: non-attachment clothing challenge

want vs. need

non-attachment clothing challenge. 

adventureclubinteractive challenges you to rethink your dressing activities for one week. many of us spend countless minutes, even hours, “getting ready” each day.  dressing can be a stressful and quite frankly selfish pursuit.  what is appropriate?  what do i feel like?  what is the color of the day?  what will make me look my very best?  the more choices we all have, given our constant bombardment by consumerism, the more difficult it can be to decide and the more difficult it becomes to appreciate what you currently have.

certainly there is truth in the statement “looking good is feeling good.”  however, what would your week be like if you could eliminate at least part of the stressors surrounding your daily wardrobe change?

the challenge.

  • wear the same outfit (or as much of it as you can), each day for one week.
  • record your experience and your personal emotional reactions to dressing the same each day (feel free to wash your clothes and continue bathing)
  • record others reactions to you as they begin to notice your uniform
  • release any judgement that may arise within yourself and/or from others
  • learn from the experience (and feel free to share with us!)

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