bucket list. by- theStephALA

bucket list

i wrote this list in my journal a few years ago, way back in 2010, and have decided to share it in it’s entirety as it is mostly still accurate in terms of things that i would, in fact, like to learn…

  • ayurveda
  • sign language
  • how to play the harmonica
  • tai chi
  • massage
  • aerial hoop
  • how to cook most things
  • sanskrit
  • chanting
  • meditation
  • how to play the harp very well
  • how to play the guitar reasonably well
  • knit
  • solder (jewelry)
  • record & mix music
  • skateboard
  • yoga
  • painting
  • photography
  • essential oils
  • palmistry
  • more french
  • latin
  • economics
  • politics
  • serious first aid & cpr
  • to do my own taxes

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