bucket list. by- adventureclubviral



before i kick it.

  • i used to play the violin and i was pretty good for many years. i cannot even read music anymore. i would like to own a beautiful violin and learn to play music again.
  • i want to see the himalayan mountains. i would like to ride a camel.
  • i must publish something before i die. there must be written words out there to outlive me.
  • i want to get married in the philippines.  
  • i would like to be a vendor at a farmers market.
  • i want to own a large area of land for my home. i want a dozen dogs and a ridiculously productive, self-sustainable garden. it would be nice if the ocean was somewhere in the backyard.
  • i want to own a bookstore.
  • i would like to learn capoeira.

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