totem exchange 1 – by theStephALA

totem exchange 1 - by theStephALA

the possibilities are endless when it comes to a vacant sack of any size. what precious cargo to put in? what to sacrifice and leave behind?
for most of the day my totem remained empty, at the bottom of my purse. late in the evening i ventured out to a local grocery store in search of a random assortment of goods. i contemplated hanging my little black satchel on one of the many christmas trees for sale outside, but the dark and cold ushered me back in. just inside the store entrance i spotted a large barrel of assorted nuts, shells intact, ready for the open jaw of a wooden soldier. i scooped up a handful and placed them in my totem. after a quick photo shoot, i released the nuts back to their large barrel and replaced my totem in my purse to prepare for its next adventure.


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