auspicious adventure sunday- by adventureclubviral



Imagei would like to learn more about the meaning of sunday. i feel among all other days of the week,  most people in our society have similar associations and the most significant amount of them- about sunday. the day of rest. the day of worship. the day of family. and so on. for some time now myself -dabbling in auspicious research here and there- i automatically think of gold and the sun and fire and rubies. i think of the beginning of the week instead of the end of the week. i think of my leo friends- (almost exclusively girlfriends in my case- and the closest of my girlfriends throughout my life interestingly enough)- stylish, social trend-setters, crafty, big personalities, loyal, generous… so i took a photograph of curtains in a theatre, representing what i find requisite to the leo attitude- similarly commanding attention and needing attention- in equal parts more or less if you ask me- nonetheless there is always a show. there is always something to be anticipated or to be curious about, there is always drama. and i always clap for them on sundays.


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