auspicious adventure saturday- by adventureclubviral


this is a photo for my saturday. this is a photo of garbage. this is a photo of an adventure. this is a photo of garbage that did not make it all the way to the garbage, where instead it was found in an alley, almost mistaken for a brown paper bag. this garbage- that is not a brown paper bag made me pause- for no reason on a saturday morning- to take a closer look.

so i reached down and fingered the auspicious garbage- found it fibrous like fabric. and i studied the picture on the auspicious garbage- found no supermarket logo.  the auspicious garbage in this photo actually assembles itself to the likes of a painting on canvas- that is when the three pieces left for trash in an alley- are assembled. i am missing a head and i am missing a leg from the knee down if you look closely at these pieces of a painting on canvas. perhaps the head and the leg from the knee down belong to an artist that is missing some pieces. perhaps the head and the leg from the knee down made it to the trash and became garbage. all the same for my saturday photo of my auspicious adventure. perhaps the auspiciousness of property occurred to me. this art was once the property of its artist. however valuable it was, whether it was appreciated in the artists home or sold for money, it was once someones property. and then it was left like garbage, whether it was meant to make it to the dumpster or accidentally left in an alley.  but it became my property. before adventureclubinteractive i might have asked the question to nobody in particular, anyone in general- why? now involved with adventureclubinteractive i feel like making up my own answer before asking that tiresome question that has no answer anyway. i feel like telling myself that it was just…auspicious.


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