totem exchange assignment

the totem exchange assignment


adventureclubviral —> totem —-> theStephALA


theStephALA —> totem —> adventureclubviral


this weeks assignment requires you to exchange a totem with a fellow seeker. brainstorm and browse around for one item- a totem–  an emblem, a symbol, on object that you will give to your fellow seeker for one week. similarly, tell your fellow seeker to find one for you in exchange. the totem should be fairly portable and relatively innocuous. keep the totem as close as your camera and aim to take one photograph involving your totem each day of the week. consider a theme of some sort that ties your totem photos together. write a caption or a description for each photo.

  • consider the many uses of your totem and how it can be depicted. consider posting your totem in disguise (where is waldo?) and practice with out of focus camera or editing features or taking “busy” pictures where the totem is not so obvious.
  • didn’t find a fellow seeker to participate? who cares! go find your own totem and participate all the same! or email and we will be your fellow seeker and assign you a totem.
  • please submit your totem exchange assignments daily or at the end of the week in totality only by email to and we will consider your masterpieces as showcase work on our featured seeker share page.

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