holiday hunt – photographic interpretation of the holidays


tis the beginning of the season. which season you ask? why the “holiday” season of course! depending on who you are and where you come from, “the holidays” may mean a wide variety of things to you but let’s just all agree it is a time to practice gratitude, compassion and spread joy (perhaps we should continue these practices all year along?).

as an additional challenge for the remainder of the week, the season, the year, your life – keep your eyes and heart open to the spirit of the season. record and document what you find! try for at least 10 images expressing your interpretation of the holidays.

extra credit: include captions, descriptions, proclamations with your photos.

extra extra credit: physically print out your holiday photos and send them (yes physically in the mail) to someone you know, love and care about.

if you’d like your work to be featured in a post, please submit your images to


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