auspicious adventure wednesday- by adventureclubviral


gatsby green- the color of the day. i got to thinking about the evolutionary process that money is a part of- somewhere in the middle.

trade. barter. the exchange of goods for other goods. and then the creation of currency. backed by gold. value. standards. and then the representation of gold with green paper. printed. portable. pocket-sized. and then the excess of green paper- more paper than gold. and so superfluous are the goods- more goods than there ever will be gold. so there has to be as much paper as there are goods. and then with all the paper getting passed around the world- sometimes only as a promise- the paper turns to plastic with magnet strips. and then there are too many promises for too many goods. and then it starts to get confusing what money is worth anyhow. caught in the middle of simple negotiations- “i have something you want- you have something i want” -which somehow became- i don’t know- the payment of promises. poker is actually pretty organic in this evolutionary process. its backed by all the buy ins. some people get a good return on their exchange. some lose. i don’t know- any other ideas? 


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