auspicious adventure tuesday- by adventureclubviral


this is a photograph of a painting. i always feel a bit strange taking pictures of pictures but nowhere have i read it to be inauspicious on a tuesday. i love this painting and because it adorns that wall of a friend (of good taste) i am lucky to enjoy it frequently but randomly. usually, this painting prompts first my nose and then my eyes. it just looks putrid. i always see first a smell. today, i see the painting and it prompts- emotion. it looks like courage. the rabbit looks courageous, strong, proud, and dutiful. riding the rabbit- the man looks determined, forward facing and future oriented. his umbrella usually seems like a shield- an ominous one- blocking out the light, from the sun, from life. today instead it seems the man carries a skull like a trophy- casually, if not humbly- over his shoulder on his way to his next adventure. tuesday is the day for having this courage- no matter that you are the rider or the rabbit that is ridden.


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