auspicious adventures every day of the week.

sunday. monday. tuesday. wednesday. thursday. friday. saturday.

hey adventure seekers- did you know that each day of the calendar week is associated with planets and colors, metals, stones, and specific, daily obligations? we have condensed an enormous amount of research from various cultures and beliefs about these associations to provide seekers with a simple, fun, and general set of guidelines to help you get dressed in the morning. an example of your thoughts in the morning may become something like: “oh it’s wednesday? i should really focus on writing today, it’s a good day to wear my green jewelry, carry my aquamarine, aventurine or green emeralds wherever i travel, and i should probably call somebody on the phone that is due for a phone call…”  we have taken lightly the accuracy in these guidelines. obviously the zodiac, the metaphysical presence of stones and metals and planetary associations are debatable sources for life choices and consequences. more important is the intention of providing an overall awareness about the different days of the week and all things auspicious about them.


sun. leo. gold. ruby. sunstone. garnet. red. pink. maroon. fatherhood.

auspicious: fortune, hope, money, celebration, community, resolve disputes, new friends.

inauspicious: entering new home, selling products, lifting heavy objects.


moon. cancer. silver. pale. pearl. moonstone. white. motherhood.

auspicious: home, planting, harvesting, new career, fertility, planting, managing finances.

inauspicious: very little- monday is invigorating for all aspects of new beginnings.


mars. aries. scorpio. coral. carnelian. iron. man.

auspicious: courage, sexuality, labor, communicating with law enforcement, government.

inauspicious: use of fire, war, quarreling, burnt food, eating potatoes.


mercury. gemini. virgo. emerald. green. peridot.

auspicious: wealth, trading, intellectual pursuits, communication, travel, writing.

inauspicious: beginning new ventures, conflicts at work, casual sex.


jupiter. sagittarius. yellow. sapphire. topaz. citrine. tin.

auspicious: wealth, business, visiting elders, honoring education, academics, desires.

inauspicious: travel.


venus. libra. taurus. diamond. rainbow. white. quartz. copper.

auspicious: love, healing, purchasing stones, purchasing vehicles, music, sweets, cravings.

inauspicious: very little.


saturn. capricorn. blue. black. amethyst. lead.

auspicious: property, protection, basic needs, fasting, giving alms, life pathways.

inauspicious: indulgence, starting something new.


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