auspicious adventure assignment

the auspicious adventure assignment


what to do each day of the week

each of the seven days of the week are believed to be opportune for certain fortunes, favorable for particular tasks and auspicious for representing and honoring specific colors, metals, and gemstones.  this assignment calls for an interpretive photograph each day of the week that best portrays each day of the week. aim to write about why you took the picture for that day. for example, today is monday- a day with feminine qualities, ruled by the moon, associated with pale colors, silver and pearls. monday is cancerian in terms of the zodiac and is an auspicious day for carrying out tasks around the home, appreciating motherhood and fertility and the goddess within all women. the picture for monday should reflect your reflections on these aspects and throughout the week all pictures will hopefully encourage adventure seekers to seize the day and plan obligations accordingly. wednesday is great for travel, thursday for business decisions, friday for diamonds and romance…

explore adventureclubinteractive’s recent post about all days auspicious. or explore your own sources.  most importantly- make masterpieces.

remember to submit your daily masterpieces via email:

seek the new weekly featured challenge: reach out and phone somebody.


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