same time different day 11/15- by adventureclubviral


thursday at 11:12 p.m: there was not much to take a picture of. for i was in a darkish room alternating between a stack of bedside books (you know bedside books- those meant for thumbing through, browsing, and bookmarking out of order) and a stack of blank pages (you know blank pages- the loudest white in the world when you feel like there is nothing to write about). this picture was of the only light in my dark space. the light is that of a highly efficient atomizer- a diffuser specifically designed for use with essential oils. add to 70 ml of water one drop of pure essential oil and pour into the water reservoir and fill an entire room with a particle fragrance pure enough to penetrate your skin, your senses, your cells. i happened to be using Purify- a blend of lemon, lime, citronella, tea tree and cilantro- a potent concoction of natures best cleansers. if you want to learn more about a truly effective air purifier that is attractive enough to take a photograph of…

view the lotus diffuser


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