do it yourself- unstick the sticky- make goo gone. organically.

whoever you are, whatever the sticky situation you may be trying to remedy… chances are trademark labels such as Goo Gone and Goof Off are probably under your kitchen sink or in your bathroom cabinet. MSDS regulations require that these products are flagged hazardous on their website for the hazardous materials they contain. did the label make it to the bottle in your home? check it out- or take it from us- no.

adventureclubinteractive as your middleman of information-

Goo Gone may cause:

  • eye irritation
  • when in contact with skin- irritation; prolonged or repeated contact with skin may cause drying or cracking
  • when ingested or inhaled can cause headache, nausea, drowsiness, central nervous system depression, convulsions and loss of consciousness.
  • harm or death if aspirated into lungs.
  • flames- it is extremely flammable

adventureclubinteractive is proud to share the very best organic alternative recipe:

1 part organic, pure pressed coconut oil —-> 10 parts lemon essential oil.

  • coconut oil is solid at room temperature. soften in a double boiler and stir in pure lemon essential oil drop by drop.
  • store in glass container. lemon essential oil- when stored in plastic (even when diluted), for example, it will slowly- then quickly- completely deteriorate the container!
  •  a little goes a long way. apply to absolutely any surface or body area affected by something sticky…

a note on other recommendations…

classic do it yourself recipes typically call for:

2 parts baking soda —> 1 part coconut oil.

  • this works as effectively but not as efficiently. replacing lemon essential oil for baking soda saves a generous amount of coconut oil. try both or a combination of the two.

join the adventure!


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