introduction to interpreting part I- by adventureclubviral

There was a full moon in the sky the day he lost his job. He felt his life falling all around him, alarmingly beyond his control. He felt like a spectator and a passenger. Watching himself meet dead-ends, careless to steer away elsewhere.

Marriage is weight, he thought, walking away from the job that threw him away. He knew that explaining this divorce- from an already unacceptable income- would likely prompt another. He felt heavy and helpless, alone and ashamed.

He cried and blubbered, licked ice cream and slobbered but no outlet nor intake filled the void or lessened the load. The train whistled past and whispered your future has passed. He thought he heard it so he did it. Only the moon could relive it. He jumped in front of the train and went with it. To wherever.


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