a sorry assignment.

sorry.  how many times do you say “sorry!” each and every day?  if you’re like most people, you probably say it a lot and a lot more than is necessary. https://www.pinterest.com/pin/124552745917913291/ “sorry” is overused and undervalued.  a quick “sorry!” after accidentally bumping into someone is fine in theory…of course you didn’t mean to bump into him or her, and if you’ve caused this person pain you should express some kind of regret for your error and try to make amends, but chirping “sorry!”  again and again and again isn’t very productive.  “sorries” bleed into inappropriate situations.  soon you are sorry for being 5 minutes late, you are sorry you accidentally forgot to pick up the mail, you are sorry you aren’t properly dressed, sorry you didn’t do this or that…

these insignificant apologies add up and have a two fold counterproductive effect (if not more).

1.  “sorry” loses its meaning and value.

2.  the “sorry-er” him/herself begins to lose personal value because constant apologizing for yourself reduces self confidence and self worth.

this week we will explore “sorry.”  what does it really mean?  where did this word come from and why is the sorry epidemic on the rise?

today’s daily task is “sorry” self awareness. vote-tally for the remainder of today (and tomorrow if you feel inspired to keep this tally rolling) keep track of how many times you say you’re “sorry”.

you may be very surprised!


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9:59 am / 9:59 pm

a week of 9:59 am

tuesday morning:  packing up our hotel room after a short get away.

wednesday morning:  a habitual stop to get coffee after teaching music together.

thursday morning:  making photocopies of sheet music at the ups store in preparation for my afternoon music lessons.

friday morning:  missed photo.  at 9:59 i was just sitting down at the front of the room to teach a gentle yoga class to a group of my favorite regular students.

saturday morning:  missed photo.  at 9:59 was in the middle of teaching a hatha yoga class.

sunday morning:  spring clinic at solitude.  a day full of all mountain skiing.

a week of 9:59 pm

monday night:  relaxing in our hotel room during our short get away.

tuesday night:  laundry.

wednesday night: missed photo. forgotten.

thursday night:  missed photo.  forgotten.

friday night:  recommitted to practicing the harp.

saturday night:  missed photo.  driving.

sunday night:  resting after a long day of skiing.



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9:59 monday p.m.

same time III- monday pm

view details about the same time different day assignment- part III

i get the call of duty late at night lately. monday night, at 9:59 you might have found me. i was fighting online. i was spraying bullets from a customized Skorpion sub-machine gun, attached with quick draw reflex, EO tech sight. I was throwing frags, fragging out and strategically planting Bouncing Bettys in “cool doorways and corners” (as my companion once instructed me to do so , verbatim) if you don’t know much about the COD is GOD fever, if you’ve never been to Yemen or Hijacked on International waters, if you’ve never hid amongst the tapestry of a Myanmar jungle or crouched in the belly of a broken plane on a Carrier ship… you could ask me about it.

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april sentence exchange. -by theStephALA

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same time different day assignment- part III


whatever wall clock

assignment: what are doing at 9:59?

the same time different day is an adventureclubinteractive favorite. watch the clock this week because you have two chances- a.m. or p.m. to catch 9:59. pause what you are doing and snap a picture- of what you’re doing, of yourself, of what’s around you, where you are and so on… two photo submissions for both 9:59 moments of each day are encouraged.

this assignment is not about stunning photography. it is about observing yourself over the course of a week at the same time. are you a creature of habit? predictable like clockwork? or do your activities at 9:59 have no common thread whatsoever? is it hard to see that the same person was doing all those different things at the same time everyday?

please submit your completed assignments throughout the week via email: adventureclubinteractive@gmail.com

(do you need more inspiration?
enter “same time different day” in the Search bar to the right of this screen and view past submissions.)

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april sentence exchange(d)

I.S. april- there was poetry

I.S. april- it's space junk

I.S. april- i love lime green

I.S. april- i wonder if trying

I.S. april- if i say i am

I.S. april- might you mar

I.S. april- paper tigers

I.S. april- he worked with dynamite


I.S. april- safer than the bank

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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famished for fiction book club- april

sleep donation karen russell

april book club read

the adventureclubinteractive april book of the month is Sleep Donation by Karen Russell (e-book format only.) click on the book to peruse more about the book and the club. already Sleep Donation? adventureclubinteractive  encourages you to explore beyond the book club shelf and browse other recommendations that are constantly being updated on the adventureclubinteractive goodreads page.

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april sentence exchange assignment.

it’s back!  there is a reason that we, at adventureclubinteractive, keep finding ourselves drawn to the fun and creative expression of sentence exchange. sentenceexchange there is magic in the collaboration!

if you, the adventureseeker, are new to this concept, here is a brief review of the rules and objectives and how to participate!

below you will find a list of 10 sentences, 5 written/compiled by adventureclubviral, and 5 written/compiled by thestephala (we encourage you to create your own sentences with a friend as well!)  it is your job as the adventureseeker to take these 10 sentences and transform them from words on a page to an image expressing the meaning or feeling behind the sentence.  finally, combine the written words with your images and create a sentence exchange gallery!

the sentences:

1.  in appearance they are strong, but in reality they are only clay giants, they are truly paper tigers.

2.  i love that he loves lime green.

3.  might you mar a brand new something if a part of you felt oppressed by its perfection?

4.  there was poetry in the streets.

5.  safer than the bank, not soft like a mattress.

6.  if i say i am then i am, and if i say i’m not then i must not be.

7.  he worked with dynamite for a handsome paycheck.

8.  i wonder if trying is worth a damn at all.

9.  it’s space junk.

10.  there she went with her gloves and her parasol and her white patent leather shoes which were muddied from the persistent rain.



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pictures in pictures (and a poem)

submission for the adventureclubinteractive picture in a picture assignment

pic in pic cow and pig

i thought- sometimes the big picture is… bigger when you break it down into… smaller parts.
“are you in the mood for something vegetarian tonight, honey?” 


pic in pic flowers

layers of photos of my Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow plant (brunfelsia pauciflora)
the flowers open dark purple. the next day they are violet. the last day of their life is white.


picture in a picture poem

my interpretation of page 48 from The Writer’s Adventure


Yesterday has a chip on zid shoulder,
Today is trying hard to stay awake,
Tomorrow is wondering what zeem think about zet,
Zē asks zert this day after day.

Yesterday does not care much about zert,
Today is wrapped up in zetself,
Tomorrow is desperate for zeird attention of course,
But zē rings a silent bell.

Yesterday is indifferent,
Today’s hardly amused,
Tomorrow is anxious,
Zē depends on zert and what zeem choose.

Yesterday commands Today,
And Today surrenders to Tomorrow,
Today looks on passively, and thinks-
Zeird weird act is too hard to follow.


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picture in a picture…


turtle shelf


dream catcher



view the details of the picture in a picture assignment here


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